james ple nsa (Barcelona 1955) lives and works in Barcelona and Paris, and is one of the Spanish artists with the most international projection. Drawing, sculpture, graphic work, opera sets, video projections, acoustic installations... there is practically no artistic or technical manifestation that has not been experienced by the artist.
His sculptural work has gone through various stages, extensively developed with the recovery of materials, iron, bronze, copper, etc., as well as synthetic resin, molten glass, alabaster, plastic, light, video and sound. It also has a wide production of work on paper and graphic work.
"I am concerned about the opinion of each one. Sometimes it seems that we repeat echoes that come to us from the ideas of others. I am interested in what each individual thinks. I believe that my work has always had an enormous will to give value to the individual, to each one, and each one within the group, within the community."
James Plensa